Tips for Mentors/Teachers: 

This is the first course of the CHAI Curriculum for Early Learners[5 - 8 Y].  Each course will contain the following 5 Activities for Children.  

1. Circle Time: Have the children sit in a circle and sing the song.

  • Play the video and ask children to sing the song along with their friends.

  • Teach children how to use their voices and their faces.

  • Play games with them where they act like different animals. Walking like a deer, Flapping their ears like an elephant, hopping like a rabbit, and so on.

  • Sing with the children. 

  • Do actions for each verse.

2. Story Time: Reading together. Your child may not be able to read, but it is a good idea to read with them. COOL! reading is fun for children where they can read with one another, on their own!

3. Action Song: Learn the song “here we go round the mango tree,” so you can sing with the children without a problem! 

4. Games to play: The game we have is about the right way to wear a mask. Wear a mask around your face and ask children to guess if you are wearing it the right way or the wrong way. See the picture below for the wrong ways to wear the mask.

5. TADAA!: Mother Earth! is sad because we don’t look after her.

  • Mother Earth! is sad because we don’t look after her.

  • Show children how to

  • Care for a plant. Not to pluck leaves. To pet a flower.

  • Care for animals. A little puppy god or a cat. Tell them that it hurts for baby dogs as it hurts for human babies.

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