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Barefoot College International 

Barefoot College International (BCI) aspires to increase economic mobility by making vocational  and educational opportunities accessible to women and girls from the most marginalized  communities around the world. We seek to ensure that every woman and girl has the skills and knowledge she needs to be a catalyst for change to help women build rural resilience - each village at a time. Through this mission, Barefoot College International seeks to ensure that every woman or girl has the skills and knowledge she needs to be a catalyst for change to the benefit of herself, her family and her entire community.

Cook with Shravani

Shravani Dang

A double lifetime achievement awardee, Shravani is deeply interested in encouraging original ideas in children. She founded and ran The  Creative Writing Workshop (1993-2002) which saw one child win the coveted Microsoft  award for essay writing while another child got published.  Today she serves as an independent board member to international  NGO "Charities Aid Foundation '' and CyberMedia, and is an Advisor to Agastya International Foundation. Retired from the  corporate world, she divides her time feeding stray dogs by selling food through a home kitchen, and painting and writing. She is documenting food history and writing a book on food history and recipes as well as a collection of short stories, titled – ‘There’s an elephant in my garden’ for young people and adults. She  lives in Gurgaon with her husband, one cat and a dog. 


In a world that’s addicted to visual platforms and experiences, ‘Curadio - Stories for the Curious Minds’ is a knowledge sharing and social learning place that uses audio to create impactful learning experiences for children. It’s a unique audio encyclopedia that’s focusing on connecting inquisitive minds through curated ‘voice expressions’, which will help them to explore, express, share & learn and become mindful people. Our goal is to create ‘listening & learning’ experiences that are educative, fun and informative. Curadio uses storytelling to engage and teach the thinking minds concepts from STEM, History, Space, People, Languages, Wildlife, Nature, Indian Epics and many other subjects. Although Curadio is an audio first platform, it's being designed for active listening, where it combines ‘Curiosity’ and ‘Learning’.

Dr. Octo

Dr. Octo is a science and mathematics GEEK - and he loves sharing his interest in different areas of knowledge with all children. Dr. Octo describes himself as a "Crazy Character"! He loves reading and sharing stories with children from around India and the world. He laughs a lot, takes joy in observing nature, goes for walks, and loves trees, plants and animals. In his spare time, Dr. Octo dabbles in art, and has created not a few artworks, where he has experimented with stunning and misty colours and shades, and different shapes.


GiftAbled Foundation was formed in 2013 as a Public Charitable Trust. GiftAbled is a thought  that we all can live with dignity and earn our livelihood. GiftAbled strives to create an ecosystem of like-minded individuals and collectively build a disabled-friendly society. We aim to empower People with Disabilities across crucial aspects of their  lives, and have designed several services with this aim in mind. Our mission is to innovate and accelerate inclusion to transform the lives of People with Disabilities. Our vision is to build an inclusive world where People with Disabilities have equal opportunity in all aspects of life.

World's Largest Lesson

World’s Largest Lesson promotes use of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in learning so that children can contribute to a better future for all. We are a programme from Project Everyone. We produce creative tools for educators and action focussed learning experiences for children and young people that build skills and motivation to take action for the SDGs. Each year we create campaigns and challenges to keep student learning engaging and relevant. We support these with local activations to make sure no one is left behind. We believe that education is key to delivering the promise of the Goals, so our resources are free, open source and translated into over 30 languages. We stand alongside partners including UNICEF and UNESCO to advocate for Education for Sustainable Development and encourage the widespread use of the Goals through formal education systems.

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