This video helps you to follow these simple steps to set up your Echo Dot device.


🔗 Step 1: Creating Your Account

Begin by signing in or creating your account using your phone number. Once logged in, skip setup features to access the home page.
📱 Step 2: Accessing Devices
Navigate to the devices section and select "Add a New Device."
📶 Step 3: Prepare Your Hotspot
Turn on your personal hotspot and make sure Bluetooth and location services are active.
🔊 Step 4: Echo Dot Setup
Initiate setup for your Echo Dot. Follow the prompts, noting the hotspot name and password.
🟠 Step 5: Awaiting Orange Light
Press the button on your Echo Dot to display an orange light for about 15 seconds, indicating readiness for setup.
📡 Step 6: Connecting to Wi-Fi
Select the hotspot and enter the password to connect your Echo device.
🔉 Step 7: Customizing Settings
Choose your preferred language and proceed with the setup. Explore basic commands and functionalities, such as asking about the weather or ask to tell a story or a joke.
Click here download the Echo Dot Setup Manual for step by step guidance.
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Last modified: Monday, 1 January 2024, 5:23 PM