This video helps you to follow simple steps to call, select and play Katha Story on Alexa App or Echo-Dot.


🔊 Activating Katha Story Skill: 

 🎙️ Step 1: Start by saying: "Alexa, open Katha story."

 📖 Selecting a Story: 
 🔹 Step 2: Alexa will prompt available story options. 
 🔹 Step 3: Respond with the desired story name or language, e.g., "Playing in Punjabi" or "How to Weigh an Elephant in Tamil." 
 🎧 Enjoying the Narration: 
 🔸 Step 4: Sit back and enjoy the storytelling experience brought to life by Katha - 300M's rich collection of audio stories. 
 🔊 Additional Commands: 
 🔹 Step 5: Alexa responds to commands like "Next" to explore more stories or "Stop" to pause the narration.
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Last modified: Monday, 1 January 2024, 5:30 PM