This is the launch song for our Covid Hatao Abhiyaan India. 

This is the first course of the CHAI Curriculum.  Each course will contain the following 5 Activities for Children.  Additionally, each week will also contain a Section for HomeSchooling material.

1. Circle Time - Children sit in a circle and sing the song.

2. Story Time - Children read the stories along with the facilitator and perform the story-based activities - TADAA! (Think. Ask. Discuss. Act. Achieve)

3. Action Song - Children sing the song with actions.

4. Games to play - Children play games online and offline.

5.Video to Watch - Children watch the video and discuss among their friends.

6.Additional Materials: Children can use the additional materials to play games at home and read more stories.

Mystery of Missing Soap is a gripping story about hygiene and good habits