Who we are?

GiftAbled Foundation was formed in 2013 as a Public Charitable Trust. GiftAbled is a thought 

 that we all can live with dignity and earn our livelihood. People with Disability may not fit into

 typical societal norms or silos due to their physical limitations. However, that should not be 

 considered a reason to portray them fit only for  charity. They can and will contribute towards 

 building a just, sensitive and healthy society. So, start looking at their Abilities – They are 


What we do? 

GiftAbled strives to create an ecosystem of like-minded individuals and collectively build a

disabled friendly society. We aim to empower People with Disabilities across crucial aspects of 

 their life and have designed several services with this aim in mind.

Our Mission 

To innovate and accelerate inclusion to transform the lives of People with Disabilities.

Our Vision

To build an inclusive world where People with Disabilities find equal opportunity in all aspects of