Tips for Mentors/Teachers:

1. Circle Time: Have the children sit in a circle, play the video and ask children to sing the song along with their friends.

2. Story Time: Help the children read the story and perform TADAA! Look where the child is looking. Where the child goes, their eyes should go. And where their eyes go, their minds. They learn to observe children and what they are looking at. They learn to see with the eyes of their child building curiosity with simple questions that start with I wonder? What do you think? Will it? ... etc.

3. Action Song: Play the song and have the children listen to the song. Ask the children to follow the actions and sing along.

4. Games to play: Help children play the games online or offline.

5.Video to Watch: Play the video and have the children watch it. Ask children to discuss on the video with their friends.

6. Additional Materials: Printable materials are provided to help children play games at home.

Last modified: Friday, 17 September 2021, 5:44 PM